Placing puppies/dogs policy

     No puppies will be held until a deposit is received, puppies are reserved on a first come,first serve basis

Grand Huron Bordeaux policy for placing pups/dogs are:

1) All pups/dogs are sold on contract to pre-approved homes
2) We do not breed for color or overdone dogs,we breed to
the standard and for health,temperament, and intelligence.
3) We would like dogs /pups from us to attend socialization classes
and obedience training.
4) We cannot guarantee  a show quality dog,there are many things that
can change in between 8 weeks old and adulthood that can change
that quality.

5) We require that if the buyer cannot keep the dog/puppy that they
have purchased from us, that they notify us first before rehoming
the dog.



1)We are fully committed to helping and mentoring our new puppy buyers with their new family member,wether it is for show mentoring or just basic stuff.We are here and willing to offer our experiences with those that feel like they would benefit from it.

2) We are happy to offer information to anyone with Dogue De Bordeaux or related breeds in an effort to help raise the level of education among Bullybreed admirers.Together we can all benefit from each others experiences.

3)We are happy to offer information about natural/holistic pet care.While we are still learning ourselves,we have been practicing it for the last 8 years and have seen amazing results in our dogs health and welfare.

Breeding Policies:

1) Grand  Huron Bordeaux only breeds healthy,sound individuals of the breed. We do health testing for OFA elbows/hips, Cardio on all our dogs. No dogs showing health concerns are bred from.

2) We breed according to the breed standard in type and temperament.All breedings are planned out in advance, sometimes for a couple of years in advance.

3) We will not do any crossbreeding other breeds, don’t even ask.We only breed to AKC registered Dogue De Bordeaux.

4) Our bitches are never bred before 1 year of age and never bred in back to back breedings.All our bitches are given a break between breedings and the next heat after a litter is skipped for breeding.

5) All our breeding bitches are retired by their 6th birthday and spayed at that point.

6)All of our breeding stock is registered with AKC.

7) We are not and never will be in connection too a puppy mill.We only produce 1 or 2 litters a year at most.


Deposit/ Payment 

1) Once you have been approved and chosen your puppy a deposit of a minimum $500 is required. The remainder of the money must be paid at or by the pick up time at 8 weeks old.No puppy/dog will leave here unless fully paid for.

2) Be aware that deposits are non refundable,except in the case of an unexpected death of the puppy before it leaves our home or if we are to change our minds about the buyers eligability as a responsible dog owner.In these conditions we will refund deposits.

3) In the case of a dog or puppy being returned or rehomed there will be no refunds of moneys, however we will make every effort to help find a good,loving home for the dog.

4) If the puppy buyer lives out of State, he or she is responsible for the shipping costs to get the puppy to their home. We can help with shipping transportation, but price of puppies not included to shipping cost.

5) We the breeders are responsible for the cost of the first/ second vet check,vaccines,dewormings,microchips and registeration of the dog/puppy in our care.